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Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp was founded in 2012 by Paul Hatswell, a local Personal Trainer In Plymouth, Devon.

Paul started of his career as a Personal Trainer at the Devonshire Health & Racquet club back in 2008, before taking the leap as a Freelance Personal Trainer specialising in toning and weightloss and nutrition.

Paul started Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp so that he could offer his toning and weightloss expertise to groups rather than individuals, to help make losing weight affordable and available to everyone.

Designed For Toning & Weight Loss

Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp has had some fantastic successes in it’s first year with many bootcampers reporting massive weightloss and body re-shaping including one lady who lost 2.1/2 stone in preparation for her wedding day in October 2012.

A Fun Exercise Class

Paul’s Bootcamp in Plymouth can attribute much of it’s incredible success to the type of exercise routines it encompasses. Completely suitable for beginners and for people who are very overweight and unfit, Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp’s exercise classes work the whole body from head to toe. Paul uses a combination of resistance exercises using resistance bands and light kettlebells, and also incorporates boxercise type boxing circuits to help burn fat and tone muscles.

A More Gentler Approach To Exercise

Rather than shout at his bootcampers and include exercise such as running, press-ups and sit-ups, Paul prefers a completely more realistic approach. Paul explains:

“Most of my bootcampers come to my bootcamp unfit and overweight, so running around doing press-ups and being shouted at is most of my bootcampers worst knightmares. My bootcamps target specific muscle groups using compound exercises that burn the most calories and produce the fastest results. If a new bootcamper can’t manage a certain exercise due to fitness or strength, then I simply give then something that they can do as an alternative exercise. Not only are my bootcamp sessions tough and rewarding, but they are alot of fun because everyone is very friendly and here to support eachother. Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp is more of a weightloss community and we are getting bigger all the time due to the results our bootcampers are getting and word of mouth.”

Great Value – Now with Unlimited Bootcamp Classes Per Week

Our bootcamp is great value for money, and bootcamp exercise classes start from as little as £4 per class. For more information on all of our prices please see our prices page.

Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp Testimonials

To view some of Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp’s customer testimonials, please feel free to visit our bootcamper’s testimonial page on Qype, the results speak for themselves.

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