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header1-logoThe 5 Best Full Body Exercises

Learn how to burn fat and get fit fast with these full body exercises kettlebell-icon-grey

Episode #073

The 5 Best Full Body Exercises

In the episodes How To Lose Fat Quickly and How To Build Muscle, we learn that there is one distinct similarity between both fat-burning and muscle-building goals: They each require the use of full body, multiple-joint exercises that activate many muscles at the same time.

When it comes to full body exercises, some are more effective than others, so in this article, you’ll learn the 5 full body exercises that get you the most results in the shortest period of time. (Each exercise below links to a video demonstration of the movement.).

The 5 Best Full Body Exercises

Full Body Exercise #1: Turkish Get-Up

I may be a fitness buff, but my history and geography skills aren’t quite up-to-par, so I’m not quite sure how of why this exercise is “Turkish.” But the “Get-Up” part is easy to understand once you’ve tried this move.

To complete a Turkish Get-Up, you lie on your side, with a dumbbell in one hand. The dumbbell should be held out at arm’s length. From this position, you simply stand, while keeping the dumbbell overhead at an arm’s length. This means you only have one arm and two legs to help you both stand and push the weight of that dumbbell up as you stand.

This exercise can be difficult to learn, but if you can do 3-4 sets of 5-10 Turkish Get-Ups per side, then you are probably in pretty good shape!

Full Body Exercise #2: Swing Squats

For this exercise, hold a dumbbell or a kettlebell down by your feet with one outstretched arm, then drop into a squat position with your butt pushed behind you, your back straight, and your heels firmly planted. Now, stand about halfway up as you begin to swing the dumbbell up, quickly reverse direction and drop down into a full squat position again, then powerfully stand as you swing the dumbbell overhead.

If you do this exercise as explosively as possible, which I highly recommend, you will find that your heart rate will get very high with just a few repetitions, making the swing squat both a cardiovascular and strength building exercise.

Full Body Exercise #3: Medicine Ball Slams

This is a great stress-relieving exercise, and also helps to build power and athleticism in the upper body, core, and legs. It is also a very easy full-body exercise to learn.

To do a medicine ball slam, you simply get a medicine ball (those big heavy balls you can often find in the corner of the gym), raise it overhead, then swing your arms down as you release the ball and slam it into the ground as hard as possible.

As you can imagine, this can be a loud exercise, so you may want to find a private area of the gym (like an empty group exercise room) and you will also need to be careful not to let the ball bounce back up and hit you in the face!

For an extra challenge, I sometimes finish a workout to complete exhaustion with 50-100 medicine ball slams.

Full Body Exercise #4: Burpees (also known as Squat-Thrust Jumps)

As an infamous exercise used by fitness bootcamp instructors, the burpee is one of those movements that you can love to hate. It will give you a full body workout in a matter of mere minutes, but also requires a great deal of focus and intensity.

Here’s how to do a burpee: from a standing position, squat down, put your hands on the ground, kick your legs out behind you, do a push-up (optional), then kick the legs back up into a squat position, stand and jump as you swing your arms overhead. If you’re an advanced exerciser or want to add even more “oomph” to this exercise, you can wear a weighted vest as you do your burpees.

Most burpee workouts involve doing a series of 10, 15, or 20 burpees as part of a full body weight training or body weight circuit, but you can do just 1-2 minutes of burpees in the morning as a fantastic metabolic booster to jumpstart your day!

Full Body Exercise #5: Deadlift-to-Overhead Press

The premise of the deadlift-to-overhead press is fairly simple: you pick a heavy object off the ground and lift it overhead. The object can be a dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, sandbag, or, if you’re working out with a partner, even another person!

When you pick the object off the ground, which is called a deadlift, you’ll need to have good form: looking forward with your knees bent, butt out, and back straight.

You then stand, and as you stand or after you are in a standing position, hoist the weight overhead – using your hip and leg muscles to assist your upper body with driving the weight up.

A Full Body Exercises Workout

Want a fast and effective workout that gets you fit fast and burns lots of calories in a short period of time? Those last two exercises (the Burpees and the Deadlift-to-Overhead Press) are the key exercises for a tough but highly effective workout called The Burner.

If you try this workout, or any of these exercises, and you have questions or feedback, then share below in the comments or on the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page!

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Work Out New York star Holly Rilinger has the perfect answer when people who tell her they don’t have time to exercise.
Photo: Getty Images
Ever feel like you just can’t get motivated to exercise? Or that you don’t have enough time in your day to fit even the quickest of workouts? We’ve all been there. Even if you’ve set yourself up for success—you’ve laid out your gym clothes the night before (or even slept in them!), you’ve put together a high-energy playlist, you have a friend waiting to meet you—sometimes even the thought of a delicious brunch isn’t enough to get you going.

Good news: we think we’ve discovered a potentially life-changing motivational trick, courtesy of Holly Rilinger, a celebrity trainer, FlyWheel master instructor, and Nike master trainer, as well as a trainer featured on Work Out New York.

It’s all about shifting your mindset: “If you’re going to say, ‘I don’t have enough time to work out,’ you should say instead, ‘it’s not important enough to me to work out,’” Rilinger says. Whenever you find yourself low on motivation, or feeling like you’re short on time, she says that this subtle change can make a huge difference. “If you change that, you’re going to change the way you think,” she says. “And see what happens.”

Rilinger, who gave us this gem during a Facebook Live segment, also dished with us on her morning ritual, how she uses meditation to stay focused, the essential items she always keeps in her gym bag, and the one thing she recommends that her clients do every day for wellness. Watch the video above for all of her great tips.

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Hi all,

My name is Matt street and I am an advanced personal trainer and fat loss specialist. I have been involved in sport all my life and have been personal training for the last 6 years. I love my job and seeing people reach their goals no matter how big or small. The one thing that i have noticed with my clients over the years is that you have to work your training around your life style. After all we know all to well that one size does not fit all.

You want to start with the end in mind, its a marathon not a race. Start off with small manageable amounts and frequency, then add to it little by little week on week. This helps you keep from getting bored and falling into a training rut, also you will be constantly progressing and will stave off the dreaded plateo.

If you would like more training and nutrition ideas feel free to message me at or


hope this helps

Matt Jenna-Dunham xtreme-fat-loss-diet-review


Plymouth Hoe Bootcamp CardioHey guys,


Matt here from Plymouth hoe bootcamp..

Lets face it we all want to look good and feel great , and we want it now. But what about in our later years? Unfortunately if you don’t use it you lose it right? when it comes to the body and training. We have all been there, a family holiday , bereavement or illness and sometimes just to much stress going on in our lives so our training takes a back seat. Ok so it’s 1,2 or even 4 weeks later and you feel ready to jump back on the fitness bandwagon only to find that your unable to do what you could a couple weeks back, this because you have had time away from training and using your body in a certain way.

Just take a moment to imagine if that period was longer , much longer say ten years or so ?? which this day in age is so easy to do as time moves so fast and before you know it its another century. How much do you think your body would of degenerated in that time from being under used??   How hard would it be to suddenly get back to training and try doing what you were capable of ten years ago? Let me tell you extremely hard, mentally , emotionally and physically. Many trainers and fitness enthusiast often forget for this and expect everyone to be an athlete and keep up with what they do forgetting that they once were in that same position.

The key is to never fall off the bandwagon , keep going even if you are under the weather or stressed and just going through the motions as this will ensure you don’t go backwards, after all life isn’t a race its a marathon we must keep going.

Now back to my point, I for one would like a good standard of living in my later years. For example I would like to be as mobile as possible and self sufficient giving me freedom to do as i wish, that is why i train daily not just for the immediate gratification you get but the Long term benefits aswell . So take responsibility for your future and come join us at bootcamp and stay mobile , get fitter , lose weight , enjoy your fitness and enjoy life.


M Street.